Hiroko Okamoto was born in 1957 in Japan.
After studying painting at Musashino University in Tokyo, she entered the Sokei School of Fine Arts to specialize in engraving.
Her first exhibition « The Sweaters » held in Tokyo in 1981.
She was a member of the Japanese Association of Engraving since 1982.

Hiroko Okamoto exhibits in Japan, France, Italy and Canada.
Throughout her carreer, the artist has received numerous awards for her work engraved.
Prematurely deceased in her fiftieth year, the Japanese Hiroko Okamoto left a rich and original work including 3,000 drawings and etchings.


In fall 2001, she moved to Paris in accordance with her youthful dreams. She then begins a new series of drawings and engravings on the theme of nature (trees, leaves, plants). The artist then etched in the workshop of Chaville, then in the Collective Workshop of the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

Gallery Higure, Tokyo, Japan – Exhibition « Mon Calendrier » (My Calendar) – 2006

In 2007, the city of Saint-Ouen alloted her a workshop. That same year she moved to Japan for a personal exhibition and died suddenly during this stay in Tokyo.

The workshop in Saint-Ouen, France

Her work revolves around three main themes:
  • Vacant Chairs with rounded shapes, dressed in fine geometric patterns.
    « The uncertain evocation of an expected presence, or of an eternal absence » ;
  • The Sweaters, in every detail of the mesh knitting.
    « A work of introspection and solitary dialogue between the material and the artist ».
  • In France, she has finally taken a close interest in living, focusing in the plants (Nature).
    « Expressing a simplified and stylized material, in order to return only the necessary essence to evocation… « 
Detailed and refined, Hiroko Okamoto’s engravings reflect her perseverance and spirit of perfection.