The artist Hiroko Okamoto, who died suddenly at the age of 50 years, has left in her studio in Saint-Ouen (near Paris, France) over 3,000 drawings and engravings. Given teh bitterness and grief left by a sudden deatch, her family and friends in Japan organized the first exhibition making her a posthumous tribute, in 2008 in the gallery Murakoshi, in Tokyo, and in the gallery Michèle Broutta in Paris. On this occasion, a catalog was printed combining all her work, souvenir photos and engravings. One discovers her beautiful work, and research around three main themes:

  • Nature,
  • the Sweaters,
  • and Chairs.

Since then, many other exhibitions were organized, and her work so special is gaining attention.

This association was founded in May 2009, from the common will of a group of friends engravers in France and the support of her family in Japan, to preserve her memory. Its purpose is to promote and publicize her work, once through the sale, exhibitions and donations to museums, art libraries and media centers.

May this artist and her work live through our actions, and may Hiroko still delight us by her presence.


Members of the Association Hiroko Okamoto
Olga VERME-MIGNOT: President
Claire AUSZENKIER: Secretary
Hiroe KATAGIRI: Treasurer
Mikio WATANABE: Assistant Treasurer